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Create More Storage in Your Home

Where can you find storage? Think beyond the attic and closets, folks. Consider the space under your stairs, over your bathroom sink, under your dressing table, and even in your walls! Our homes have so many untapped nooks. We can maximise these spaces to cleanly store everything we need.

If you haven’t already, see if you can store your belongings more compactly. Consider using plastic bins and flexible garbage bags, as opposed to bulky cardboard boxes. Instead of fixing your house to fit your storage, reshape your storage to fit in your house.

large home office area, three work areas with cabinets and book shelves, two large windows

Use Built-In Storage

Built-in storage can save you! For instance, consider investing in a bed with pull-out drawers or a closet with pull-out shelves to store your clothes, shoes and accessories.

Suburban garage used as storage full of household items and mess

Wants versus Needs

Creating more storage space is not just about finding more room for all your stuff. It’s also about getting rid of some items. Determine what items you need, and get rid of the rest.